Ellen C McCormack

Lived:September 15, 1926—March 27, 2011 (aged 84)

Eleanor "Ellen" Cullen McCormack was a pro-life candidate for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 1976 and as a third-party candidate in 1980. She was the first woman to qualify for federal campaign matching funds and for Secret Service protection. Overturning the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision with a constitutional amendment to ban abortion was the main focus of both of her campaigns.

In 1976, McCormack ran for president on an exclusively pro-life platform. She appeared on the primary ballot in 18 states. She won no primaries, but received three delegates to the national convention, where her name was placed in nomination.

After her 1976 loss, McCormack co-founded the New York Right to Life Party, whose purpose was to work for a constitutional amendment that would reverse Roe v. Wade and support legislation restricting and regulating abortion, and she was their candidate for lieutenant governor of New York in 1978.

McCormack died on March 27, 2011.


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