Ellen C McCormack

With Dr. Mildred Jefferson (1)

Ellen C McCormack
January 01, 1976
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Campaign status: Lost

MCCORMACK: I'm Ellen McCormack, a Democratic candidate for president, and I've asked Dr. Mildred Jefferson to speak to us today on the subject of abortion. Dr. Jefferson?

JEFFERSON: Thank you, Ellen. Some of you may prefer not to see what I'm going to show in a few seconds, but I hope many of you will choose to watch because it contains information often kept from the general public. These are the feet of a baby only ten weeks after conception—a little over two months. The baby is being held by a doctor wearing surgical gloves. Here is a baby at 11 weeks after conception, and another baby at 24 weeks. Tragically, many babies like these lose their lives in a very painful way, through abortion. In one kind of abortion, the child is literally pulled apart. In another kind, salt solution sends the baby into convulsions. Together we can stop abortion. Together we can help both the mother and her baby.

MCCORMACK: Thank you, Dr. Jefferson.

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