Ellen C McCormack

With Dr. Mildred Jefferson (2)

Ellen C McCormack
January 01, 1976
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Campaign status: Lost

MCCORMACK: I'm Ellen McCormack. Now I'm disturbed that the Democratic Party is becoming the party of abortion. I'm here today with Dr. Mildred Jefferson of Massachusetts. Dr. Jefferson, Senator Kennedy of your state has led the fight to force the American taxpayer to pay for abortion. And now he's introduced a national health bill under which we would have to pay for a million abortions every year. Is there any way we can stop it?

JEFFERSON: Yes, there is. We can use every persuasive means possible to help the senator and others like him understand that it is no benefit to use the money intended for helping the poor to get rid of the babies of the poor. If we cannot reach them, we must find candidates of vision and imagination who will know that we must find better means of solving the social problems than getting rid of the people that caused the problem.

MCCORMACK: Thank you, Dr. Jefferson.

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