Sue Bell Cobb

Born:March 1, 1956 (age 68)
Career:Chief Judge, Alabama Supreme Court, 2006-2011
Judge, Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, 1994-2006
District Judge, Conecuh County Courts, 1981-1994
Education:BA, University of Alabama
JD, University of Alabama

Sue Bell Cobb was a Democratic candidate for governor of Alabama in 2018, losing in the primary.

Cobb was born in Kentucky in 1956, but moved to Alabama, where she was raised, when she was very young. She started her college career at Asbury College in Wilmore, but finished her degree at the University of Alabama, earning a Bachelor of Arts in biology and then a law degree.

Cobb began her political career as the district judge of Conecuh County in 1981. She was then elected to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals in 1994, and was appointed to the Alabama Supreme Court as the Chief Judge of the Court of the Judiciary in 2006. Cobb retired in 2011.

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