Nellie Tayloe Ross

Lived:November 29, 1876—December 19, 1977 (aged 101)
Career:Director of the U.S. Mint, 1933-1953
Governor of Wyoming, 1925-1926

Nellie Davis Tayloe Ross served as the 14th governor of Wyoming from 1925 to 1927 and director of the U.S. Mint from 1933 to 1953. Ross was the first female American governor and is the only woman to have served as governor of Wyoming. She was also the first female director of the U.S. Mint.

Ross was born in St. Joseph, Missouri,on November 29, 1876. She attended a teacher-training college for two years and taught kindergarten for four years.

Her husband, William B. Ross, was governor of Wyoming from 1922 until his death on October 2, 1924. She succeeded him as governor when she won the special election, becoming the first female American governor on January 5, 1925. She lost re-election in 1926 but remained an active member of the Democratic Party. At the 1928 Democratic National Convention, she received 31 votes from ten states for vice president on the first ballot.

In 1933, Ross became director of the U.S. Mint. She served five terms, retiring in 1953. During her later years, she wrote for various women's magazines and traveled.

Ross died in Washington, D.C., on December 19, 1977.