M. Jodi Rell

Born:June 16, 1946 (age 78)
Career:Governor of Connecticut, 2004-2011
Lieutenant governor of Connecticut, 1995-2004
Connecticut State House of Representatives, 1985-1995

M. Jodi Rell served as governor of Connecticut from 2004-2011, the state's second female governor and its first female Republican governor.

Rell was born in Norfolk, Virginia, on June 16, 1946. She attended Old Dominion University, but left in 1967 to marry U.S. Navy Pilot Lou Rell. She continued her education in 1969 at Western Connecticut State University, but did not graduate.

Before her term as governor, Rell served as lieutenant governor from 1995-2004 and in the state House of Representatives from 1985-1995. While in the state house, Rell served as deputy house minority leader and assistant house minority leader.


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