Kay A. Orr

Born:January 2, 1939 (age 81)
Career:Governor of Nebraska, 1987-1991
Treasurer of Nebraska, 1981-1987

Kay A. Orr served as governor of Nebraska from 1987 to 1991.

Orr was born in Burlington, Iowa, on January 2, 1939. Both her parents were active in local politics, with her father serving on the Burlington City Council. She attended the University of Iowa from 1956 to 1957.

She started her political career as a volunteer for the Republican Party soon after a move to Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1963 and was named “Outstanding Young Republican Woman." In 1981, she was appointed Nebraska state treasurer to fill a midterm vacancy and served until 1987, when she assumed office as governor. She was defeated in her re-election bid in 1990.