Jennifer-Ruth Green

Education:USAF Academy
Golden State Baptist College
Liberty University
Air War College
Air Command and Staff College

Jennifer-Ruth Green ran for election to the U.S. House to represent Indiana’s 1st congressional district in 2022, losing in the general election.

Green has over twenty years of military service. She graduated from the USAF Academy in 2005, and then began her Air Force career in aviation. While enlisted in the Air Force, she earned a B.S. in Asian area studies from the Air Force Academy, an M.Min. from Golden State Baptist College, and a B.S. in aeronautics from Liberty University. She is currently enrolled in Air War College, studying strategic leadership across military operations, in joint, interagency and multinational environments. She is a graduate of Air Command and Staff College.

She has since transitioned to serve as a special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. She was deployed to Baghdad in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom where she served as a mission commander for counterintelligence activities. After her deployment, she assumed the role of deputy chief for a nuclear command post. She recently served as the chief information officer/Commander of the 122nd Communications Flight, and currently serves in the Indiana Air National Guard. She is the first African-American, or Asian, woman selected to serve in this position and is one of fewer than 150 African-American female pilots in America.


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