Giorgia Meloni

Giorgia Meloni is the current Prime Minister of Italy. She is the first woman to hold the position. She was first elected to the position on October 22, 2022.
Meloni was born in Rome, Italy on January 15, 1977. She grew up in Rome. In 1992, she joined the Youth Front, a wing of the Italian Social Movement, a known neo-fascist political party. She founded the student organization Gli Antenati, "The Ancestors", which protested public education reform. In 1996, she became the leader of the Student Action, a student movement that was part of the National Alliance, a post-fascist and national-conservative organization.

In 1996, she graduated from l’Istituto tecnico professionale di Stato Amerigo Vespucci. In 1998, she was elected as a councilor of the Province of Rome, holding this position until 2002. She became the national director and president of Youth Action, which was a youth chapter of the National Alliance. Following this, in the 2006 Italian General Election, she was elected to the Chamber of Deputies, where she became the vice-president. She also started to work as a journalist. In 2008, she was appointed the Minister of Youth under the Berlusconi government. She held this position until 2011, when Berlusconi was forced to resign.

In 2012, she, with other Italian politicians, founded the Brothers of Italy movement. Under this party, she ran in 2013 and was re-elected to the Chamber of Deputies. She resigned in 2014 to focus on the Brothers of Italy party. In 2014, she became the president of the Brothers of Italy party. She was nominated for the 2014 European Parliament election, where she did not win.

In 2022. she ran for the position of Prime Minister in Italy under the Brothers of Italy party. She succeeded in her campaign and has been serving as the Prime Minister of Italy since October 22, 2022.