Edie Grunwald

Career:2018 Lieutenant Governor Candidate
Education:Air War College and Business Organizational Management

Col. Edie Grunwald (USAF- Ret.) ran for lieutenant governor of Alaska in 2022, losing in the general election.

Grunwald has earned two master's degrees in Strategy in National and Military Service and Business Organizational Management. She has 31 years of military experience in total, 25 of those years spent serving in the Alaska National Guard. After retiring from the military, she earned her Senior Human Resources Certification. She served as the chair of the Alaska Board of Parole from 2019-2022.

Grunwald has experience as a director with state and national organizations within the military, chief of staff, commander, and manager. She was a candidate for lieutenant governor in the 2018 election, losing in the primary.

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Picture provided by Charlie Pierce for Governor