Christine Todd Whitman

Born:September 26, 1946 (age 77)
Career:Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, 2001-2003
Governor of New Jersey, 1994-2001
State:New Jersey
Education:B.A., Wheaton College

Christine (Christie) Todd Whitman served as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from 2001-2003. During her tenure at the EPA, Whitman oversaw the EPA's response to environmental hazards caused by the September 11 terrorist attacks. Previous to serving as EPA administrator, Whitman was New Jersey's governor from 1994-2001, the first woman governor of that state.

Whitman was born on September 26, 1946, in New York. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in government from Wheaton College in 1968. Her early political career included work for Nelson Rockefeller's presidential campaign and later for the Republican National Convention.

In 1982, Whitman was elected to the Somerset County Board of Freeholders in New Jersey. She left the board in 1988 when she was appointed chair of the State Board of Public Utilities. After an unsuccessful race for the Senate in 1990, Whitman was elected the governor of New Jersey in 1994.

Following her tenure as EPA administrator, Whitman has served as the president of the Whitman Strategy Group, a consulting firm that specializes in energy and environmental issues, and has served on a number of boards. She is the author of The New York Times' best-seller "It's My Party, Too: Taking Back the Republican Party... And Bringing the Country Together Again" (2006). She was the 2002 Fall Mary Louise Smith Chair in Women and Politics at the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics at Iowa State University.


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