Becky S Skillman

Born:September 26, 1950 (age 73)
Career:>Lieutenant governor of Indiana, 2005-2013
Indiana state Senate, 1992-2004
Education:B.A., Indiana University

Rebecca "Becky" Skillman, the first elected female lieutenant governor of Indiana, assumed office in January 2005 and served until 2013.

A native to Bedford, Indiana, Skillman was born September 26, 1950. Following her graduation from Indiana University, Skillman was elected Lawrence County recorder in 1977. In 1984, Skillman became the county clerk, a position she held until 1992.

Prior to holding office as lieutenant governor, Skillman was elected to serve in the Indiana Senate (1992 to 2004). While holding a senate seat, Skillman became the first woman elected to senate majority leadership.

During her time as lieutenant governor, Skillman helped guide Governor Mitch Daniels' agenda through the general assembly while also serving as the president of the senate. She also oversaw the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, the Office of Energy Development, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, and the Office of Tourism Development. Additionally, she served as the chair for the state's Counter Terrorism and Security Council.


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