Heidi Drygas

Libby Bakalar for Walker-Drygas - Oct. 22, 2022

Heidi Drygas
October 22, 2022
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Campaign status: Lost


Both Bill and Heidi have the ability to reach multiple demographics and bring people in who are on various sides of issues because they are good listeners, and because they have empathy. And at the end of the day their main priority has always been public service and the good of the state.

They have governed and will govern always with the best interest of the state at the forefront of their minds and that includes everyone that lives in the state. Farmers, the most progressive to the least, to tribes to women, children.

I think that they just have the biggest capacity for consensus building.

I’m Libby Bakalar, I’m pro choice, I’m progressive and I am ranking Walker-Drygas number one.