Heidi Drygas

Alaska Leaders for Walker Drygas - Oct. 26, 2022

Heidi Drygas
October 26, 2022
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Campaign status: Lost

REBECCA ZAVERL: No matter where you live.

BRUCE BOTEHLO: Mike Dunleavy has made a mess of the Alaska we love.

BRYCE EDGMON: Our education system is falling apart.

LAURA NORTON CRUZ: Our economy is 49th in the country.

JENNIE ARMSTRONG: And now, Dunleavy wants to shred our constitution and ban all abortions.

BARBARA BLAKE: To get Alaska back on track...

JOE HAYES FAIRBANKS: We need Bill Walker.

GARY WILKEN: Bill has a plan to rebuild Alaska's economy.

LAURA NORTON CRUZ: And bring affordable energy to Alaska.

MARIA WILLIAMS: And he will stop any attempt to put the government between a woman and her doctor.

BRUCE BOTEHLO: We need Bill Walker.