Jenny Beth Martin

Western Conservative Summit - July 29, 2013

Jenny Beth Martin
July 29, 2013
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MARTIN: Picture this: college students in our country who are free to live their lives, are optimistic, and look forward to living the American dream. After graduation they pursue careers and begin to make a life for themselves. They become parents and they provide food and basic necessities for their children. They save for the future and they still have enough money to- for leisure activities and vacations. As they become senior citizens, they know their retirement is backed by a strong, sound dollar. Their health care needs are met with the best quality health care on the planet. They are at peace knowing their life's accomplishments will be passed on to their children and grandchildren. Imagine our country as the most charitable country on Earth, and the place where those who are unable to take care of themselves, are uninsured, or have hit hard economic times, are able to benefit from America's charitable giving spirit.

Visualize the future where the economy is growing at a steady pace because entrepreneurs are investing, taking risks, innovating, and building businesses and employing millions of Americans propelling them up the economic ladder. This growth has led to balancing our nation's budget and the surplus is used to pay down our nation's debt. Citizens- citizens know that growth and opportunity abound and they are confident and proud of their country.

This is a vision Tea Party Patriots has for America. A constitutionally limited, fiscally responsible government where free markets thrive, and forth- and for this vision we have been marginalized, mocked, and maligned by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and by the elite Republican establishment, Senators like John McCain and Lindsey Graham and by the IRS. They are contemptuous of our vision for the future which is a distinct contrast to the reality today.

Elected officials and public servants misguidedly think they can rule over us as if they are our rule our Lord's and rulers. Reckless disregard for the rights our Constitution protects have led to lack of accountability and severe abuse of power. The IRS, the agent- the agency who now admits to targeting groups like mine, who are political enemies of this administration, will enforce Obamacare.

The government is amassing untold volumes of data on phone calls, on what we do online, on financial transactions, on every piece of mail sent in this country and more. And now they plan to have a new data hub to oversee Obamacare. When Obamacare is fully enacted, eight million people who are currently insured will lose their health insurance and 30 million people still will not have health insurance and the IRS reports that the cheapest plan will be twenty thousand dollars a year for a family.

Instead of addressing our most pressing problems, many of the so-called elected officials are- or the elected representatives are moving full steam ahead in ways that will contribute a bigger problems and will lead to the full implementation of Obamacare. Senators including Marco Rubio and Jeff Flake recently passed yet another 1187 page bill that will grant amnesty to people who've had two forges passports, but not three, who've been convicted of drunk driving twice but not three times. It has 47 billion dollars of pork in it and it will incentivize businesses to hire the newly provisional step granted- original status immigrants rather than Americans because of the exemptions of those people will have from Obamacare.

Combine that with the other changes employers are making because of Obamacare fees and we have a real reason to be concerned that the college student today will ever be able to achieve the American dream.

The contrast is clear. Is this what you want for America? Do you want representatives who will abuse power while Americans suffer? Who will expand government bureaucracy at the cost of decreased freedom and opportunities for Americans? Or do you foresee a better future? Do you want fighters who will stand on principle defending freedom? Our Constitution is worth fighting for because freedom is worth fighting for. Our principles are worth fighting for because our principles will create a better future for all Americans.

We have Patriots who will stand up for our principles. Look at senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. They've been leading the charge to halt this amnesty bill, and now they're leading the charge to defund Obamacare and prevent this disastrous chain- train wreck from destroying our health care system and our very way of life. And they're Patriots just like you all around this country, people like you here today who are willing to be at this summit and learn more about our principles so you too can fight for them. Tea Party Patriots will help you fight for liberty, will enable and empower, we have weekly toolkits for you so you'll have talking points in action items and you'll know what you can do to fight these ongoing issues. And we can help you start groups and better communicate our message.

Is freedom lost in America? Each time we stand up in speak up for our principles, showing America our vision, freedom survives and strengthens. Liberty will endure and our country will flourish. Freedom's new day is now and the future we envision will become reality.