Abby Finkenauer

Support - Oct. 26, 2018

Abby Finkenauer
October 26, 2018
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Campaign status: Won

JAKE: How I was raised is you help people in the time of need.

TED: Iowa means we take care of people. Abby – she knows what needs to be done for us, you know, take care of us, because she's born and raised in a blue-collar family.

JAKE: I believe she's sincere and honest. She's got strong moral convictions and she fought hard for our rights.

TED: Rod Blum's out for Rod Blum. He's not out for Iowans.

JAKE: A lot of the ads that Rod Blum and the Republicans are running – there's a lot of blatant lies.

TED: Do the right thing, and I would vote for Abby.

JAKE: Abby has a voice for the working-class Americans.

FINKENAUER: I'm Abby Finkenauer and I approve this message.