Barbara Comstock

The First One - Oct. 5, 2018

Barbara Comstock
October 05, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost

MELISSA RICHMOND: When a congressman invited me to his house alone late one night to "discuss" my internship, I declined, and the internship disappeared. When I came forward to share my story, the first person to support me was Barbara Comstock. She believed me and she stood with me. Barbara is a fighter for women, and she's working across the aisle to stop this kind of abuse of power. She's passed landmark legislation to combat sexual harassment in Congress, with zero tolerance. No more secret settlements and no taxpayer bailouts for predators. Barbara introduced bipartisan legislation that increases transparency in the workplace and holds predators, no matter who they are, accountable. We're at a pivotal time. Women are stepping forward to claim their equal power at home, in the workplace and in government, and it takes a leader like Barbara Comstock who can work across the aisle to create change for women on important issues like sexual harassment

COMSTOCK: I'm Barbara Comstock and I approve this message.