Debbie A Stabenow

Fighting for our Veterans - Aug. 21, 2018

Debbie A Stabenow
August 21, 2018
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Campaign status: Won

JED WELDER: Jed Welder, Army Ranger, and in the Marine Corps Reserve.

TOM CUTLER: Tom Cutler, retired, commander of the Michigan National Guard.

AJME MCCLOUGHAN: James McCloughan, United States Army, combat medic, Medal of Honor recipient.

WELDER: It's important to have your family behind you when you're deployed overseas, but it's also very important that we'd have someone like Senator Stabenow looking out for us,

CUTLER: Debbie's father served in World War II, as did mine, and I will tell you that very much informs your appreciation of those who serve in the Armed Forces. She was always available to come and support families.

MCCLOUGHAN: She stands tall, she stands strong, and she will go to the nth degree to get what her constituents need.

CUTLER: Senator Stabenow was tireless in her efforts to get the Alpena veterans clinic opened.

WELDER: On reducing the waiting times at the VA clinics, she's made a difference.

CUTLER: When it comes to our national security, Debbie has the right priorities and she always makes good decisions.

MCCLOUGHAN: She's tough, and she'll fight to the end.

CUTLER: It's just a lifelong commitment for Debbie.