Mazie K Hirono

President - Nov. 3, 2012

Mazie K Hirono
November 03, 2012
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Campaign status: Won

RECORDING OF PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Hello, Hawaii. This is President Barack Obama. Our country's made real progress you can be proud of. We can't turn back now, which is exactly why I'm urging you to send Maize Hirono to the United States Senate. Years ago, Mazie worked with my late grandmother, so Mazie isn't just a reliable partner of mine in Washington – she's part of my ohana at home in Hawaii. Now I need Maisie's cooperative style and commitment to middle-class families in the United States Senate. Mazie's a nationally recognized leader in early childhood education, a staunch defender of Medicare and Social Security, and I rely on Mazie to fight for middle-class priorities, like passage of the American Jobs Act to create new jobs in Hawaii and across the country. This is President Barack Obama. I'm asking you to send my ally and friend Mazie Hirono to the United States Senate. Let's keep Hawaii and our country moving forward. Mahalo.

HIRONO: I'm Mazie Hirono and I approve this message.