Gretchen Whitmer

We Built a Bridge - November 1, 2018

Gretchen Whitmer
November 01, 2018— Michigan
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Campaign status: Won

WHITMER: The Mighty Mac was opened to traffic sixty-one years ago. It was built at a time when we had a Democratic Governor and a Republican legislature. People didn’t think they could work together to build that bridge. A suspension bridge over the Straits of Mackinac where two Great Lakes meet. But Michiganders came together and they forged ahead. They connected our people with this bridge and made our economy stronger. That Mackinac Bridge symbolizes who we are in Michigan. We are problem solvers and innovators. We believe in hard work and grit and one another. I know our country, our state, our neighborhoods can feel hopelessly divided. And yet I am confident that our Michigan values will lead us. Let’s get back to building bridges.