Janet Mills

Above and Beyond - September 4, 2018

Janet Mills
September 04, 2018— Maine
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Campaign status: Won

STEPDAUGHTER: My stepmom Janet, she doesn't believe in a lot of flash. She's like a lot of Mainers that way.

BOB: Janet's from Farmington. In Farmington we walk the walk. We're not talking, we're doers. That's Jan. She sued the drug companies that caused the opioid crisis, and she used the money to buy life-saving medication.

STEPDAUGHTER: That's what my stepmom does, she steps up, just like she did when she married my dad after we lost our mom. She helped raise me and my four sisters.

BOB: She's a pretty good fly fisher too. She's got real plans to make healthcare more affordable and better.

KAREN: She's gonna look out for all Mainers. It's why she drives that medication around.

SUPPORTERS: They've already saved more than 400 lives. Above and beyond, typical Mainer. Governor Janet Governor Janet Governor Janet I like the sound of that.

ANNOUNCER: Janet Mills for Maine for Governor.