Jackie Walorski

The Millers - October 1, 2018

Jackie Walorski
October 01, 2018— Illinois
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Campaign status: Won

MILLERS: We had found out about Jonathan, and as soon as I saw his picture there was something in my heart that immediately told me that's our son, and we would do what we could to be able to bring him home and adopt him. He was overjoyed to know that he had a family. The government of the Congo stopped everything, no children good leave no matter if their adoptions had been completed or not. We knew he was sick, he was skinny, he no longer had any smile in him. I was fighting for everything that we could do to be able to get him home. One of the people we reached out to was Jackie Walorski. She looked us right in the eye and she said what do you need me to do? This was personal to Jackie, she really cares about people, she was able to help bring our child home. Our family can't thank Jackie enough. Thank you for seeing us as a family, and thank you for bringing my son home.

WALORSKI: I'm Jackie Walorski and I approve this message.