Roza Calderon

The American Dream: Refugee to Candidate - June 5, 2018

Roza Calderon
June 05, 2018— California
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Campaign status: Lost

CALDERON: I was born at the peak of the civil war in El Salvador. After a failed assassination attempt on my mother's life, she knew that the only hope for her two daughters was for her to leave. She crossed every border until she reached the land of opportunity. She arrived as a political refugee with just the clothes on her back. We witnessed the horrors of the war in El Salvador. I was able to be a child, playing the snow for the first time and graduating college. It is because of the investment in me that I am now a small business owner and a geoscientist. Three decades later, my mother was able to cast her vote for me as I run for US Congress. I'm part of the American Dream because of her sacrifice. I'm running for upward mobility, for equity in education, Medicare for all, and to restore democracy in this land that I love. My name is Rosa Calderon and I'm running for California's fourth congressional district, and I approve this message because it's time for people over party.