Carla Nelson

Carla Nelson Announces Candidacy for Congress - October 16, 2017

Carla Nelson
October 16, 2017— Minnesota
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Campaign status: Lost

NELSON: Hi I'm Carla Nelson. Both of my parents were educators, and I spent summers working on the family farm. I learned early on the value of hard work, dedication, and personal responsibility. After college, I became a teacher met my husband, Terry, and we raised our three sons to be men of integrity. I never planned to run for public office, but when politicians tried to deny local kids a neighborhood park, I went to work, and today there's a beautiful park that families enjoy. I learned if we want what's best for our communities, we have to fight for it, and I've been fighting for you ever since. As a principled conservative, I've delivered for Minnesota farmers, veterans, schools, and businesses. We hear a lot of politicians telling us what the problems are, but far too few actually get anything done. It's time to change that. I'm Carla Nelson and I'm running for Congress to get things done for the people of southern Minnesota. I hope you'll join me.