Barbara Comstock

What Am I Looking For - May 23, 2018

Barbara Comstock
May 23, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost


In the June 12 Republican primary, what am I looking for in my member of Congress? Common-sense solutions.

I want a fighter for men and women in uniform and a strong supporter of our veterans.

Someone who knows that tax cuts actually help families like mine, and votes for them.

Someone who will help make our communities safer, a leader in the fight against criminal gangs.

On June 12, I'll be supporting someone who is all of this and more – Barbara Comstock.

Barbara voted to increase defense spending by $40 billion, pushing back against the sequester cuts.

She voted for tax cuts that saved northern Virginia families more than $6,000 a year.

Barbara was praised for her leadership in opening the new veteran center in Leesburg.

And Barbara wrote the bill that gives law enforcement powerful new tools to fight criminal gangs like MS-13.

On June 12…

On June 12…

On June 12…

We're voting for Barbara Comstock in the Republican primary.

COMSTOCK: I'm Barbara Comstock and I approve this message.