Lauren Underwood

Lauren Underwood for Congress - March 14, 2018

Lauren Underwood
March 14, 2018
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Campaign status: Won

I grew up in Naperville. When I was in third grade I was diagnosed with a heart condition, and through my work as a nurse I know how critical it is to be able to get health care coverage. Our congressman has not looked out for the folks in the 14th District. He's voted repeatedly to take away our health care, to weaken our public schools, and we deserve better. I spent my career expanding access to care for communities across our country. I just like the idea of helping large groups of people have healthier lives. I'm interested in fighting for families to make sure they have the health care they need, the strong jobs that pay good wages, excellent public schools, and safe environments to continue to grow and thrive. People want to know that someone cares and want to know that someone hears them. We have a responsibility to everyone in our community. We need someone in Washington who is going to fight for us, and I am ready and up for the job. This campaign is way bigger than me. It's about the people in the 14th District. I'm Lauren Underwood and I approve this message.