Abby Finkenauer

Tough - April 12, 2018

Abby Finkenauer
April 12, 2018
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Campaign status: Won

FINKENAUER: You want to know what tough is? Wringing the sweat out of your belt. Clocking in for your third shift. Stretching it further than you thought it could go. Tough is my dad on a 16-hour shift. Tough is my mom holding down a job and holding it together back home. Tough is my grandpa rushing into burning buildings to save people's lives. Tough is 4:00 in the morning, fields need planting and cows need feeding. Tough is small town, big heart, pull through the hard times love. Tough is eastern Iowa. Tough is who we are. They said the statehouse would be too tough for a young lady. Then they said that a "girl" still paying off her student loans wasn't tough enough to beat a millionaire for Congress. Well, I say watch me. Because I'm from eastern Iowa. We take care of business and we take care of each other. And we invented tough.