Jacklyn “Jacky” Rosen

Every Trip - April 18, 2018

Jacklyn “Jacky” Rosen
April 18, 2018— Nevada
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Campaign status: Won

ROSEN: Part of why I'm running for Senate is because we need to be sure that government is listening and responding to the needs of the families. I worked my way through college as a waitress. My parents- my dad was a Salesman, my mom was a homemaker and so we didn't have the means. I took out some student loans, and I had to work. One of the first things they taught me they said never take a trip back and forth from the kitchen with empty hands, make every trip count. I can tell you that everything I have, I've worked hard for, and I know the sacrifice that my parents made, my grandparents made, and I don't forget that for a minute. The waiters and waitresses who put their tips in an envelope every night to be sure they can make that rent, that's what we have to fight for.