Amanda Renteria

Make a Change - June 5, 2018

Amanda Renteria
June 05, 2018— California
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Campaign status: Lost

RENTERIA: East Palo Alto is very similar to where I grew up. Big Latino community, hard-working folks that really just wanting a better life for their kids.

SUPPORTER: What's been happening is that the high rent in the South have been pushing a lot of people and it's families it's not men.

RENTERIA: How long has this been here?

SUPPORTER: This has been emerging in the past two years to three years.

RENTERIA: Often these are the communities that don't come out and vote often these are the communities that don't feel like people are speaking to them, and when you think about who's being pushed out of our communities because they can't afford to live there anymore, those are the kinds of stories that we need to hear about and those are the kinds of problem you fix. What I hope we will see is that we'll take this moment to show our voices to show our stories and to really change what leadership looks like today.