Alison Hartson

Alison Hartson Hits CA Media for Ignoring AT&T Corruption at Home - May 24, 2018

Alison Hartson
May 24, 2018— California
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Campaign status: Lost

HARTSON: We all know the media is obsessed with shiny objects, but they need to cover all kinds of corruption, not just Trump or Russia or boobs. Dianne Feinstein and Kevin de Leon shouldn't need to sleep with porn stars in order for us to pay attention to the fact that they are also bought and sold by AT&T; she took six figures from AT&T while also throwing our privacy rights under the bus for them. He hosted AT&T sponsored golf tournaments and then voted for a bill written by them that was so bad for California Governor Brown had to veto it. If you want to know how much money I've taken from AT&T or any corporations for that matter here's my grand total, which is exactly the numbered favors although them ones in office. So happy birthday media, here's a story about corruption from the California Senate with some shiny objects thrown in so that you can get excited about running it. I'm Alison Hartson and I approve this message because you deserve more than a distraction.