Cathy Glasson

The Real Story on Iowa's Economy - January 16, 2018

Cathy Glasson
January 16, 2018— Iowa
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Campaign status: Lost

[Music] GLASSON: The politicians in Des Moines are telling us that our economy is really great that our unemployment rate is really low, but the real story is that over 380,000 households in Iowa are struggling just to meet their basic needs: putting a roof over their head, putting food on the table. That's not a growing economy, that's a problem for our state and our citizens and we have to address it by raising the wage to fifteen. Minimum wage needs to be at $15 an hour and forming unions is the other way that you get people out of poverty, so we need to take a look at making it easier for workers to join together in their workplaces. We need to raise the minimum wage to $15, we need to make sure that those 380,000 households don't have to worry about whether they pay their rent or take their medicine or feed their children.