Cathy Glasson

More Iowans should be able to join a union - January 25, 2018

Cathy Glasson
January 25, 2018— Iowa
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Campaign status: Lost

[Music] GLASSON: We know that traditionally Union households have higher income. We know that unions are the only thing that keeps people from living in poverty. It's a safety net that allows workers to join together and actually be able to raise their standards of living. It's important because when- when workers make more money in our economy they spend more money in our economy, and that's what drives our system. When unions are not strong, our economy is not strong, and that's what we're experiencing right now. There's not enough union, workers and work- unitized workplaces in the state of Iowa and our wages are the lowest in the country. That's the huge difference that unions make in personal lives, family lives, in our communities and in our state.