Amanda Renteria

Warriors Needed - February 21, 2018

Amanda Renteria
February 21, 2018— California
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Campaign status: Lost

RENTERIA: We may have different surroundings but we’re witnesses to the same world. We're great at watching what's around us, but that's not what builds greatness. Greatness is built by the warriors, and warriors are just witnesses that choose to feel responsible. In California, we've always been warriors, believing in better, fighting for all, pushing us to where we should be by caring about where one another has been. And though the tools of warriors are different, anyone can be a warrior. Our lives are separate, but our desires are shared and everyone has a right to them because inequality has no rights here. In California, we’re the Warriors that create change, and the Warriors are needed now more than ever. I think this is all about something that is starting and we're starting to not only understand our own power but our collective power together.