Amanda Renteria

Healthcare For All - March 20, 2018

Amanda Renteria
March 20, 2018— California
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Campaign status: Lost

RENTERIA: In America, healthcare should be a basic right, period. But implementing that vision is incredibly complex. I know because I was there in the room negotiating the Affordable Care Act. It wasn't easy, and to get the votes we needed, compromises had to be made. Now we have a unique opportunity as Californians to make sure we do this right. We know halfway isn't good enough, and I know I can lead an effort to pass a single-payer health care because I know what it takes, the complexity of the policy, the diversity of the stakeholders, and the realities of implementation. There's no doubt it will be a challenge, but we've never taken any easy route. California leans in with courage. That's how I will be as your governor to create single-payer health care for all.