Amanda Renteria

Californians deserve safe, affordable housing - April 1, 2018

Amanda Renteria
April 01, 2018— California
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Campaign status: Lost

RENTERIA: California has always been a place of opportunity, but some people who love our state feel like they're being forced out. Because of out-of-control rent increases and housing costs, more than a third of Californians say they're seriously considering moving out of our state. We have the nation's highest poverty rates because of housing costs, and we're watching from the sidelines as families are forced to live in their cars or on the streets. This is a big problem, but it's not an excuse to do nothing about it. We have to pass the housing bond, expand tax credits and housing assistance, and work with cities and counties to make sure that families can stay in their communities. It's time to tackle our biggest problems with big solutions that aren't just for show. California is home for a reason, and we should all be able to afford living here.