Alison Hartson

Fight for Medicare for All - March 22, 2018

Alison Hartson
March 22, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost

CONSTITUENT: Will you co-sponsor Senator Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill?

FEINSTEIN Not at this stage.

HARTSON: Diane, you've been in Congress for a quarter of a century. When are you going to be ready for Medicare for all? Why don't you just be honest with the voters and say that you're never going to be ready because that's not what your donors want? After that Town Hall she went and raised money from health care companies. While our families are suffering, she's collecting checks. The people overwhelmingly want Medicare for All, but Big Pharma donors profit off of a sick America. There is no excuse for this in a democracy. I'm going to make sure that this entire country has health care by fighting for a Medicare for All system now. We cannot afford to keep waiting for the wealthiest nation in the world to have a healthy and prosperous people, and I'm not going to take a dime of corporate money so that you can be confident that my fight is for you. It's time that California has a senator who will lead, not follow the money.