Marsha Blackburn

Tax Reform - November 27, 2017

Marsha Blackburn
November 27, 2017
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Campaign status: Won

BLACKBURN: Government never gets enough of the taxpayer’s revenue. The appetite, the insatiable appetite that government has for your money never ceases. To achieve tax relief is vital and I think keeping it to a focus of flatter rates for individual filers, fairness in business taxes, and small businesses being able to use the rate that is there for corporations, that lower rate, twenty percent rate that gives them more money to spend on that business to build their dream. And then also simpler. It is ridiculous that just thousands of hours and billions of dollars are spent by individuals and small businesses complying with the US tax code. You get the burden of government off somebody's back and out of their pocketbook and what do you do you free them up to dream those big dreams, you free them up to innovate.