Marsha Blackburn

Fighting Planned Parenthood - January 16, 2018

Marsha Blackburn
January 16, 2018
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Campaign status: Won

BLACKBURN: Many Americans were just in disbelief after they saw the videos that came out showing Planned Parenthood trying to sell baby body parts, and my colleagues selected me to chair the investigative panel to look into this. And we realized that what was transpiring was some of these abortion clinics around the country were actually contracting with outside vendors. And as someone had an abortion, that- that baby- that fetus would be taken and the parts would be selected and pulled apart from that baby and packaged and shipped and sold. Our nation has long stood against selling human body parts. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity and I was honored to lead it. It was one of those tasks where, of course you're going to see the left come at you, every single hearing, every single day, but it was a responsibility to the American people to end this horrific practice.