Ivanka Trump

Tweeps 2017 - May 21, 2017

Ivanka Trump
May 17, 2017— Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Thank you, Brett, for the very nice introduction. I am truly, truly honored to be here as a guest of the Deputy Crown Prince who invited us here today and, where is he? Somewhere in the audience. Thank you so much for the incredible hospitality. I've long been told about the famous Middle Eastern hospitality, and we've experienced that in spades over the last two days. It's been a remarkable experience, a remarkable journey. We want to extend our gratitude from the administration my whole family, my father to King Salman, to the Deputy Crown Prince, to the Crown Prince, and to everyone here today. [applause]

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool. It empowers the people, particularly the next generation, your generation. Your generation is one of entrepreneurs. I spent a lot of time today meeting with some of the great Saudi entrepreneurs. It was a privilege, it was an honor. I learned so much from hearing about the unique opportunities and challenges that face them every day, but I've also seen the entrepreneurial spirit here at Saudi very much at work. We just came from the opening of a new center to combat terrorism and ideology around terrorism, and we saw that it was built in 30 days. 30 days. That is entrepreneurialism. And I may need to borrow those contractors for a next construction project maybe infrastructure. It was incredibly impressive and the message was- was very meaningful.

Ultimately, this young generation across the Muslim and Arab world, is a generation that can build a future of tolerance, of hope, and of peace, and that's what this last day has been around, tolerance and hope and peace. We saw that today when more than 50 leaders of Arab and Muslim countries joined my father to express optimism and unity. And this generation, this generation [applause] this generation that will have their voices heard, that will convene visa vie social media to elevate their message can do so much in achieving that goal, so this was a great initiative really a tremendous one. I've heard about the speakers that have come through here over the course of- of the last several hours and- and it's really been very exciting, so once again we want to thank the Deputy Crown Prince for his vision, his hard work, and for the flawless execution of two amazing days here in Saudi Arabia. Hopefully the first of many, many visits to come. Thank you all so much and have a great night.