Marsha Blackburn

Women Opposing Obamacare - April 3, 2012

Marsha Blackburn
April 03, 2012— Washington, D.C.
Press conference
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Hi, I'm Marsha Blackburn. I'm from Tennessee, and I'm so pleased to join my colleagues today and talk with you for a few minutes about what we see happening in our districts and what we see happening here in Washington. You know, it is so interesting—and Cathy pointed this out—85 percent of the health care decisions are made by women. We are moms. We are daughters. We're grandmothers, and we want to make certain that we're the ones that are in charge in making those health care decisions for our families, and that we're the ones who are working with physicians to make certain that we're choosing the right provider for our families, whether it is a pediatrician or a family practitioner or any other number of specialties that are needed to care for the elderly adults that we care for or for other members of our family. That is why women—dozens of women, hundreds of women in our districts—are standing up and opposing the Obamacare bill and supporting the repeal of this bill. This is a bill that became a law, and what we have found out is it is too expensive to afford. When you look at what the cost estimates were when we were debating this bill, it was going to be under a trillion dollars, and look at what the cost estimates from CBO are today—nearly 2 trillion dollars. We cannot afford this bill, just like we cannot continue to afford the out-of-control spending by the federal government. Our children and grandchildren—and indeed my nephew, who was born last night, little Preston James Hunter— cannot afford the out-of-control federal spending that this government is heaping on his head. We also are hearing from moms who are saying, "Get it under control." The price of a gallon of gas has doubled since this administration took place. So whether it is spending; whether it is the cost of your health insurance; whether it is the price at the pump; this administration is too expensive to afford. The moms of America know it, and we're continuing the fight on their behalf. Thank you.

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