Lynn Jenkins

Weekly Republican Address - May 26, 2012

Lynn Jenkins
May 26, 2012— Washington, DC
Weekly Republican Address
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Hi, I’m Lynn Jenkins, I represent the Second Congressional District of Kansas, home to Fort Leavenworth, the oldest active Army post west of our nation’s capital, Fort Riley, home of the Big Red One, the 190th Coyotes at Forbes Field; and nearly 12,000 National Guard and Reserve members.

It’s an honor to speak with you on Memorial Day weekend, a time to pause and thank the brave men and women of our Armed Forces who have died in the defense of our country. As we honor the fallen, we pray for our sons and daughters who are risking their lives so that we may live in freedom and security.

Of course, we owe it to our service members to do everything we can to ensure they come home to a strong, growing economy that creates jobs and opportunities. Unfortunately, roughly 22 million of our fellow citizens are struggling to find a good-paying full-time job in President Obama’s economy. Higher prices on everything from gas to groceries has added to the strain on families and small businesses.

Americans are clamoring for optimistic leadership and a positive agenda to help get people back to work, which is what Republicans’ Plan for America’s Job Creators provides. The Republican jobs plan is built around small businesses, not big government, and instead of short-term “stimulus,” our plan emphasizes long-term growth.

This week, as part our jobs plan, my Republican colleagues and I spread out across the country to highlight the economic potential of our domestic energy resources. As part of this American Energy & Jobs Tour, I visited an oil well in Girard, Kansas – a small town whose proud energy workers make a big contribution to our region’s economy. Ours is a state that would be part of the Keystone XL pipeline, a job-creating project the president has repeatedly blocked. An overwhelming majority of the American people and a bipartisan coalition in Congress supports Keystone, but right now it is stuck in a House-Senate conference committee due to opposition from the president and his allies in the Senate Democratic leadership. Republicans are holding strong for Keystone by insisting it should be included in any transportation legislation Congress sends to President Obama.

Because while the President demonizes home grown energy and pursues tax policies that advantage foreign energy over domestic, Republicans are working to make the United States the largest energy producing nation in the world, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs right here at home.

Our energy workers are the best around – they can do this, if we remove government barriers to all forms of domestic energy production.

Our small businesses can thrive – if we rein in the red tape and costly regulations that bog them down and keep them from investing and hiring new workers.

Our college graduates can enter the workforce with confidence – if we repeal the health care law that is raising costs and making it harder to hire new workers.

Our children can grow up without the crushing burden of government debt – if Washington stops spending money we don’t have and starts operating on a real budget.

Through the Republican jobs plan, the House has voted to take these common-sense steps to sustained job growth and prosperity. Right now, there are nearly 30 House-passed jobs bills awaiting action in the Democratic-controlled Senate, giving President Obama a serious to-do list to tackle. Republicans continue to stand ready and willing to work with him on these priorities.

On Memorial Day, as we consider the sacrifices our service members and their families have made, we are reminded to never squander the blessings of liberty. That is why helping to create jobs and grow our economy will continue to be Republicans’ focus in the weeks and months ahead. Thank you for taking time to listen. God bless the United States of America.