Melania Trump

Remarks in Wilmington, North Carolina - Nov. 5, 2016

Melania Trump
November 05, 2016— Wilmington, North Carolina
Trump Rally
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Hello North Carolina!

What an exciting day! It is very nice to be here. I enjoyed speaking with all of you people in Pennsylvania so much, I decided to do it again. And the media was so nice to me after, I just had to come back.

I’m very excited to talk to you about my husband, Donald Trump—who will make a fantastic President of these United States of America. The country we love with all our hearts.

I have known this man, Donald Trump, for 18 years. Donald is a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. He’s strong, he’s determined, bold, and decisive. He’s also compassionate, thoughtful, giving, and loving. Donald cares so deeply about this country, he could no longer sit by and allow American jobs be lost. And Americans become less and less safe. Once given the opportunity, Donald will make America great again.

My husband is not a life-long politician. He’s an authentic man, a successful business man who is running for President not for himself but for you the American people.

Donald and I came from very different backgrounds. I was born in small, beautiful town in Slovenia and entered the fashion business. Donald was born in New York City, surrounded by big buildings and immersed himself early in the real-estate business. As soon as we met, however, it became clear that we have something very important in common: we both treasure the freedom and democracy that America stands for. And we both treasure honest and patriotic Americans like you.

It has been over 500 days since Donald announced that he was running for President. He has loved going all over this beautiful country talking with the American people. Hearing your concerns and sharing his solutions.

This is so much more than a political campaign. It is a movement. This movement has inspired millions and millions of people and has made us so grateful for your support. It is a movement for those who are left behind by broken and weak system. It is a movement for those yearning for more. A movement for those working hard for a better tomorrow for themselves, their families, and their country. This is a movement that is inspiring and inclusive.

There are only three days left in this election. While we hope that Donald will become the President, and he works hard every day for your support, we need you—the voters—to go out, vote, and make that a reality! We also ask that you bring your family, friends, neighbors to vote for President Donald Trump.

Why should you vote for Donald? Because we need a President who will keep us safe.

We need a President who will secure the boarder.

We need a President who will break up the corruption and (inaudible) in our government.

We need a President who will bring jobs back to America.

We need a President who will lower taxes and energize the economy.

We need a President who will not leave any Americans behind.

We need a President who will put America first, domestically and abroad.

We need a President who will deliver change you all have been waiting for.

This is your last chance. Your last chance to make a real difference.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please say hello to my husband and the future President of the United States of America, Donald Trump!