Marsha Blackburn

Remarks at the 2008 Republican National Committee - Sept. 4, 2008

Marsha Blackburn
September 04, 2008
2008 Republican National Convention
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Last night, for the first time in a long time, millions like me whispered to themselves, "Thank God, someone finally gets it." We heard a voice that spoke with the accent of real America, not the washed-out, mainstream TV-speak that sometimes soothes the soul, but never solves the problem.

We met a woman who, with the bravery that only the mother of five can summon, said "Thanks but no thanks" to the good ole' boy earmarks. And, it's an honor for me to quote those constituents I heard from today when I say "It's about damn time!"

To all the gray suits in the booths, who had their backs turned last night facing Washington, on behalf of the great gals in this room, I tell you -- "listen up boys!"

As a wife, mother, business woman, and public servant; neither Governor Palin nor I need you to tell us what our limitations are, or when we might have taken on too much or reached too far.

Every working mother knows the value of action over deliberation and decision over debate.

Vice President Sarah Palin is going to be the most action-oriented, problem-solving, revolutionary second-in-command this country has ever known.

Tennesseans already know and respect John McCain, and love his "straight-talk" and unyielding sense of honor.

Last night my NASCAR dads fell in love with our hockey mom.

We are the gun totin', God fearin,' flag wavin' Americans who are excited to see two crack shots on the ticket with the status quo in their sights. We don't need to elect someone to install an ATM machine on Pennsylvania Avenue that debits your liberty to fund wasteful programs, and won't do the one thing that can drive down gas prices.

We know the only place Senator Obama wants to drill is your wallet.

Leadership is not about creating perceptions, it's about creating results.

And leadership is honed and tested on Alaska's frontier, on the deck of an aircraft carrier and in a dark, squalid cell in Vietnam.

Last night, when I saw John and Sarah on the stage, I saw the brilliant spark of leadership catch fire illuminating the path to a brighter tomorrow.

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