Amy Klobuchar

Outrageous - Sep. 30, 2012

Amy Klobuchar
September 30, 2012
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Campaign status: Won

RYAN HALLBERG: I was in Iraq in 2006 and got blown up. I applied for the traumatic injury benefit, and twice I was denied.

KLOBUCHAR: It was really outrageous. They said they had no proof of Ryan Hallberg’s disability.

HALLBERG: With the pain I was in, I literally gave up on it.

KLOBUCHAR: This soldier who lost a leg for this country. What more proof did they need?

HALLBERG: I made contact with Senator Klobuchar. Like a bulldog, she went to work. Because what Amy Klobuchar did, other soldiers are now going to get what is due to them.

KLOBUCHAR: I am Amy Klobuchar, and I approve this message.