Katie McGinty

Opportunity - Aug. 19, 2016

Katie McGinty
August 19, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

TEXT ON THE SCREEN: Katie is on the trail this week discussing college affordability and student debt crisis

MCGINTY: Two things are true. One, for my Mom and Dad—my Dad a policeman, my Mom a hostess in a restaurant—they definitely could not have just written a check, but it definitely was also not beyond the pale for me to aspire to go to school and to know with some reasonable effort I can get there. And it wasn’t going to bankrupt me for my whole life, and I wasn’t gonna bankrupt my family. But what I’m hearing on the campaign trail is something very different. Your path in life can’t be about your zip code. It can’t be about your pedigree, or who or what your mom and dad were able to do or not able to do. It has to be about you, and if you’ve got some grit and you’ve got some ability for a little sweat on your brow, you’re willing to give it your all, then we have to make it so you get a chance.