Tulsi Gabbard

On the Anniversary of Patsy Mink's Historic Title IX Legislation - June 4, 2013

Tulsi Gabbard
June 04, 2013— U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC
Congressional floor speech
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Mr. Speaker, 41 years ago, President Nixon signed the landmark Title IX legislation into law, giving girls and boys equal opportunities in sports.

What many people don’t know is that there was a 5’2” Japanese-American woman from Hawai‘i who was behind this law. While she may not have been a contender for the WNBA, she laid the groundwork for women to participate in sports at every level. She was a fierce fighter for equal treatment and rights for women, and held the seat in Congress which I am privileged to hold today.

Congresswoman Patsy Mink led the way to create equal opportunities for women and girls across the country with her landmark Title IX bill. She grew up wanting to be a doctor and was rejected from over a dozen medical schools in the 1940s simply for being a woman. She went on to attend law school and dedicated her life to battling the status quo.

Title IX law is a mere 37 words, but over the last 40 years, it has made an incredible impact in the lives of young women around the country. Today, girls can play basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis – or even football. Patsy opened the door for these opportunities. Many young women have walked through this door, paving the way for great athletes everywhere.

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