Shelley Moore Capito

Job-Killing Health Care Bill - March 20, 2010

Shelley Moore Capito
March 20, 2010— Washington, D.C.
Press conference
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I'm Shelley Moore Capito. I represent West Virginia. Health care is on the minds of everybody standing here. This is a missed opportunity for all of us in this country. But I'll tell you another thing that's on everybody's minds—that's jobs, jobs for our families, jobs for our communities, jobs to raise our families with.

In this bill, there are taxes totaling $569 billion—job-killing taxes—at a time when we can least afford losing one single job across this country. I think Americans here and across this country, small business owners, job creators, those who are looking to hire and want to hire and keep America working, are going to be sadly disappointed if we are unsuccessful in killing this bill because of the $569 billion in additional taxes on each and every one of us, on small businesses, and on people across this country.

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