Janice Hahn

Women for Choice- June 27, 2011

Janice Hahn
June 27, 2011
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Campaign status: Won


Craig Huey wants government to intrude on a woman’s most personal and intimate decisions.

If a women was raped and got pregnant, Craig Huey would make her carry the pregnancy to term, but if I got pregnant and couldn’t afford the prenatal care I need that’s not his business?

Millions of women depend on Planned Parenthood, but Craig Huey calls it a murder mill.

Craig Huey wants to impose his ideology on my district and my body?

I’m voting for Janice.

Women know that they have a fighter in Janice Hahn.

ANNOUNCER: Janice Hahn will always stand up for a women’s right to choose, that’s why we are choosing her. Women need a champion. We need Janice Hahn.