Jeanne Shaheen

The People's Pledge - March 24, 2014

Jeanne Shaheen
April 24, 2014
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Campaign status: Won

ANNOUNCER: Scott Brown's changed more than his address. Listen.

CLIP OF BROWN: This is Scott Brown. You've probably heard about the super PACs that have been created to influence elections, usually with negative ads. So I did something about it in my own race. I proposed and signed a pledge to stop third-party groups from coming into our state.

ANNOUNCER: That was Scott Brown running for Senate in Massachusetts. Just a few weeks ago in New York, he was still boasting about his People's Pledge.

CLIP OF BROWN: So what we came with was the People's Pledge—and it worked.

ANNOUNCER: But now Scott Brown's in New Hampshire, and refusing to sign the exact same People's Pledge. Not long ago, Scott Brown said he was really disgusted with super PAC ads. Now, Scott Brown won't sign his own pledge to stop them. Maybe it's because Big Oil and Wall Street wanna buy him a Senate seat. Tell Scott Brown to sign. It was the right thing to do in Massachusetts, and it's the right thing to do here. New Hampshire deserves a clean election, too.