Katie McGinty

That's Where I'll Be - Oct. 21, 2016

Katie McGinty
October 21, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

MCGINTY: Look, I come from a family that was totally about hard work. What my parents modeled was an incredible work ethic, and I think part of the soul and spirit of the country is that people know they pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. The difference today is I see young people working as hard as I worked to be able to go to school. I see moms and dads working as hard as my dear mom and dad, God rest them, worked. But twenty-four thousand bucks for childcare? Or public universities forty thousand dollars, when you throw in tuition and fees? Who can afford it? This country is held together, the glue is that it’s your perseverance, your grit and not your pedigree. I will work every day for people who are just trying to provide for themselves and their kids. Education, bringing down the cost of college, job training, and putting people back to work. It’s important to me to be out there, working for anybody and everybody who is trying to do their best, for themselves and their families. That’s where I’ll be.